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Although not initially being present as a resident of Central Market Boulevard as of January 1st 2025, Ash.J wastes no time in establishing herself as on of the most polarizing figures in the 2034 universe.

Arriving in Central Market Boulevard roughly a month after the coming of Kari Van Vlerah, Ash.J and her husband Carter George Gagnon arrive in a horse drawn covered wagon, where they keep their a stash of bibles, holy water and pallet boards for building a homestead. The two are introduced as devoutly, almost cultishly religious, fears which are soon validated as it is revealed that Ash.J is actually the leader of her own Christian cult, called Childrenofgod12, to which Carter George is her right and man.

Unable to find a place to create a proper home for themselves, Ash.J and Carter George believe God has handed them a perfect opportunity after discovering the hospitality of Haley and Long Hair. They attempt to build a pallet board home off the back of Haley and Long Hair's home. Upon attempting this, however, they discover that Jonathan and Tan have already built a pallet board shack for themselves attached to Hayhair's home. This forces Ash.J and Carter George to build their pallet board home attached to Jonathon and Tan's, much to all four of their annoyances. This conflict leads to a longstanding feud between the two couples, accentuated by Ash.J and Carter George's homophobic beliefs as well as Jonathan and Tan's anti religious views.

Ash.J's presence proves to be one of the most disruptive in the neighborhood many times, with many of the cult rituals she leads leading to widespread emotional and physical damage and feuds with most residents across the neighborhood. Aside from Jonathan and Tan, her primary feud lies with Kari , caused by when, in the first season, she attempted to burn one of Kari's zodiac books, believing it to be devils work. This leads to Kari erupting in anger, running over and destroying their (and Hayhair's in the process) pallet board shack with the Schoolie and throughout the entire series, chasing them down with her lawnmower.

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