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"CONFIDENCE. IS. KEY." -Bingo's motto
First introduced at the end of the Pilot, on January 1st 2025, Bingo instantly establishes herself as an integral character in the 2034 Universe, and to the residents of Central Market Boulevard.

Throughout their middle school and high school years, Bingo was best friends with and a member of the "Queens" group, which consisted of herself, Talia Billings, Jessica Florent, Jenny Florent and Rachel Adams.

Before appearing in the Pilot, Talia, Jill and Rachel discuss how they have not seen Bingo since the summer after they all graduated high school, in 2019. After she moved to South Dakota that September, and later married her before ex-fiancee, John Dembroski, Bingo's contact, with Talia, Jill and the other "Queens" became less and less frequent, and more and more distant, till she gradually cut off contact all together.

While the Queens tried to contact Bingo, even reaching out to her mother Lori, when they realized even Lori had no idea where she had gone, the Queens assumed that Bingo had gone off the grid in her Schoolie, as she had vowed to do for years.

In the days before her coming back, Talia, Jill and Rachel each received a letter, penned in what the instantly recognized as Bingo-Code, a written language invented by Bingo as a child. Though none of them could read the code, as Bingo refused to teach it to anyone, the three immediately recognized it's unmistakable symbols and became extremely suspicious to how Bingo would have know where they lived, as none of them had spoken to her in 5 years. It was later revealed that Jenny Florent recieved a copy of the same letter at the same time, despite living in a crackhouse in LA at the time. Bingo's ability to know where all four of the other "Queens" lived, something which she would have no way of knowing, is never definitively explained, despite Talia, Jill, Rachel and Jenny all asking her about it on multiple occasions. Thus, the letters are often used as evidence for the fan theory that Bingo is in fact an omnipotent deity, or perhaps even a figment of Central Market Boulevards resident's imagination.

Personality Edit

Bingo's main motto in life is "CONFIDENCE. IS. KEY." A mantra by which she strictly lives. Bingo is an extremely free-spirited, headstrong, stubborn strong willed and confrontational woman. She goes after she wants, especially if that is a man, with a ferocious passion, viewing her desire as almost a supernatural type destiny.

Bingo possess a strong sense of justice, one which she does not put aside for anyone (except her man at that time), not matter their level of authority. She refuses to treat anyone with any kind of preemptive respect or obedience which she feels had not been earned. This, along with her confrontational nature, and refusal to ever hold her tongue, even to avoid unnecessary conflict, leads to Bingo often getting into trouble, particularly with figures of authority. At the same time however, this behavior leads to a sense of deep respect for, and in some cases fear of Bingo by many of those same authority figures. This is particularity true of legendary bodyguard Skip Kongala, who's one fear in life is in fact, Bingo.

Bingo is well known as a follower of various aspects of alternative religion and spirituality. She is a strong believer in auras, charkas, zodiac signs and energies. These beliefs, along with other aspects' of Bingo's personality (discussed further below) often lead to a conflict between her usual no nonsense, straight to the point nature and her more dreamy, zany side. Additionally, coupled with her strong independence and distrust of authority, these spiritual beliefs help to reinforce Bingo's strong beliefs in many conspiracy theories, and dislike of the government as a whole.

Perhaps Bingo's greatest character flaw, or at least cause of personal pain, is her relationship with men. Bingo is extremely boy-crazy and seemingly addicted to being in a relationship. Being single for even a very short period of time leads to Bingo feeling depressed and worthless. This problem is only worsened by Bingo's infamously poor tastes in men. All of Bingo's boyfriends have fallen into at least one, usually more, of the following categories; Abusive, Clinically Insane, Drug Addict, 20+ years her senior, Homeless, or Gay. Thus, almost all of Bingo's relationships have caused her great pain, emotionally and in John's case physically as well. Despite their best efforts, Bingo's friend, even the Queens, have little sway in her love life, with their protests often leading to only a greater rebellion against their wishes from Bingo.

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