Feuds are one of the most integral and plot building parts of the 2034 Universe, defining the characters and relationships of the residents of Central Market Boulevard. Defined as being a prolonged and acted upon dislike and conflict between two or more character, some of the feuds are resolved in short time but most carry on for at least a few seasons if not the entire series. Some characters are involved in feuds much more often than others, with Kari Van Vlerah being the most common participant.

Feuds are divided into Characters, with each character having a list with the feuds they are/were involved in. The same feud may be relisted under different character names, but each feud is given from the perspective under which character it is listed. Thus, two feuds could be for entirely different reasons, depending of which character's perspective they are seen from.

Kari Van Vlerah Feuds Edit

Kari vs Hayhair (Hayley and Long Hair) Edit

Kari's dislike for Hayley and Longhair is deep and well known throughout the neighborhood. From the minute she first meets them, despite their best efforts to be kind, she finds them suspicious and untrustworthy, claiming that they give off "bad auras". This leads to an immediate awkward energy between Kari and Hayhair, one which lasts, yet does not escalate that is until, the infamous Lawnmower Incident.

The Lawnmower Incident refers to an incident in which Kari started her lawnmower converted tractor, which produced a sound loud enough to wake most of the neighborhood, at 3:00 am and a Monday morning. It is unclear why Kari needed this lawnmower, as she had no lawn, and lived in the Schoolie. Yet according to Kari "I don't need to give you a reason this is MY OWN PROPERTY". She soon escalated from just riding, to accelerating her lawnmower at full speed while doing donuts and leaving skid marks on the road, all while blowing an air horn. This lead to the minority of neighborhood which had not already been, being forcefully awakened, much to their annoyance. Although many tried to tell Kari to quiet down, those who lived in the tents for her (John Dembroski, Adam Schitoskey, Steve, Couch and Jamison Reedy) all begin joining in with the noise, in an effort to win her favor. Adam begins shooting his gun, John blasts his radio with metal music, Steve begins screeching, Couch singing and Jamison simply cheering. As Kari continues to rev the Lawnmower engine and blow the horn, residents became more and more angry. This was particularly true of Hayhair, who's house was right in front of where Kari primarily drove the Lawnmower.

This Incident lead to Hayhair filling an anonymous complaint to Wanda and Calla, which was then addressed in the Daily Meeting that following Tuesday morning. As soon as the complaint was made, which infuriated her. In response, Kari threw the chair she had been sitting in at Hayhair, shoved all the supplies off of the head table, stood on it and screamed at Hayhair "IF YOU AIN'T GONNA SAY IT TO MY FACE WE CAN TAKE THIS OUTSIDE, I'M NOT GOING DOWN LIKE THIS, I'M GOING DOWN SWINGIN!!"

Despite Hayley and Long Hair both attempting to smooth things over with Kari throughout the series, even baking her a cake for her birthday (which Kari promptly throws to the ground), Kari can never look past the incident, which she saw as a signs of cowardice and extreme disrespect. Throughout the series, Kari to hold a grudge, refusing to be friendly with Hayley and Long Hair, as she would consider this being fake. This ongoing feuds leads to several smaller conflicts with Kari and other characters who are friends with both Kari and Hayhair, such as Taylor, Jill and Reese.

Kari vs Taylor Edit

Kari's relationship with Taylor is very interesting and complicated. While the two are long time best friends, seeing as they are both members of the Queens group, they also maintain a good degree of conflict and some hostility between them, although these feelings are always overcome by their friendship. Thus, despite their friendship it can be said that Kari and Taylor have somewhat of an underlying, though much more minor than between other characters, feud.

The main case of the tensions between Kari and Taylor stems from Taylor tendency to blurt out things about others, often secrets, during her conversations with her many friends. Though her actions are not malicious, they infuriate Kari, who sees this as the ultimate disrespect and untrustworthy action. Additionally, Kari despises Christina Billings, Taylor's mother, and the relationship she has with Taylor. She believes that Taylor is completely under the control of and submissive to her mother, which Kari views as Taylor's own unwillingness to take charge of her life and think for herself. Thus, Kari often flippantly refers to Taylor as a "Sheeple" and mumbles about her chakras are unaligned. She often attempts to convert Taylor to her own spiritual beliefs, even at one point spiking Taylor's work water bottle with a psychedelic drug, which she believes opens up the third eye, leading to Taylor having a hallucinogenic episode during an important work conference.

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