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Jessica is an integral character in the 2034 universe, and one of the main personalities followed.

Jessica is one of the members of the "Queens" a group consisting of herself, Talia Modarelli, Bingo Van Vlerah, Jenny Florent and Rachel Florent, created when they were in high school. With Bingo going off the grid, and Jenny off the deep end however, the group has largely disbanded.

In the Pilot, on January 1st 2025, Jessica is introduced as living in a small but cute home by herself. She is next door neighbors with Talia, who still remains her best friend, and Haley & Long-Hair, both of whom she has befriended. Still trying, with great difficulty and often times failure, to finish grad school, she works as a research assistant at Central Market's Particle Accelerator. Although passionate and fascinated with physics and what she does, Jessica often struggles in the field, and her clumsy, anxious nature had often lead to her making many mistakes and experiencing embarrassing moments at her job, leading to a lack of confidence in herself that she will ever be able to move up beyond the research assistant position.

Jessica is a long time vegan although she tried not to be a "stereotypical annoying one". She owns a pet bunny named Picha-Kucha (or Picha for short), after an inside joke she and Talia had in 6th grade. Aside from Picha however, she lives by herself, as she has never had a boyfriend, or even been kissed, a plot point which becomes a running gag throughout the 2034 universe.

She volunteers part time at the Central Market Botanical gardens, often with Bingo and/or Ashley & Dani, where they all find planting and caring for the "cute little plants" there highly therapeutic. She will also help out Ashley and Dani at their florist shop from time to time.

Personality Edit

Jessica's personality is often described by herself as just "cringe." Awkward and clumsy yet bashful, Jessica's infamous long list of embarrassing moments is often used by her to make others feel less embarrassed about themselves, a tactic which almost always works.

Along with her awkwardness, Jessica is a friendly person who tries her best to be as nice as possible to everyone (except, sometimes, her siblings) , often too much. This nature can lead to her being rather weak willed and easily influenced, as she will almost always choose to avoid conflict rather than stand up for herself. This trait has gotten her into many bad situations, and comes to the annoyance of many of her friends, who cannot understand her unassertive and people pleasing nature.This annoyance is especially strong in Bingo who is perhaps the polar opposite of Jessica in this regard and is driven crazy by it.

Jessica's inexperience with men is infamous and one of her greatest sources of sadness, having never dated, gone out with or kissed a man. Jessica is viewed by herself, and secretly by many others, as doomed to be single forever. Jessica's bad luck with men extends beyond just being unable to date one, as she is highly prone to dropping things, falling, turning red and acting extremely awkwardly around any guy she likes. This is highlighted by her behavior since 6th grade around That Cute, her crush throughout middle school and high school, who, ever since dropping a bottle and freezing in front of him, when he was her cashier in high school, Jessica has consistently embarrassed herself in front of.

Her perpetual singleness as well as her struggles in school and at her job, lead to Jessica possessing, what others call very little confidence in herself, although she sees her level of confidence as proportional to her lack of success in life.

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