Background Edit

Paigette is a central character in the 2034 universe. She has been best friends with her sister-in-law, Taylor Modison, for several years, even before Taylor and River began dating.

Paigette was one of the original residents of Central Market boulevard, living in a house with her boyfriend Bobby Wettleson. She is present in the pilot episode.

As the series goes on, she lives in the nicer part of the neighborhood running a successful family psychology business with her boyfriend Bobby. The two are often seen giving advice to residents of Central Market Boulevard.

Personality Edit

Paigette is funny, sweet, and crazy girl. She has a passion for people's minds, which is part of the reason she began a therapy business with her boyfriend. She always listens and gives some of the best advice you can get.

Paigette may be sweet, but she also is in a fiery fued with Shawn Devine, director of communications at Olympic College. Paigette has threatened to sue and square up with anybody who crosses her path. She also has a notable hatred for her physics teacher, Daniel Roth,

Often times you will see Paigette performing some notable gestures: a peace sign, fingers to the head, and clasping her hands. These gestures are known as "the Paigette". Often times her boyfriend, Bobby Wettleson or her sister-in-law Taylor Billings will also be seen performing these same gestures. Paigette also adds the word "dude" to any conversation, which sister-in-law Taylor Billings also does in conversations with her.

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