Background Edit

One of the more interesting and strange residents of Central Market Boulevard, S makes her presence very known in the 2034 Universe.

S is Talia's younger sister, and had long played an interesting role in the life of Talia and her friends. At age 19, S got married to Ethan Florent, Jessica and Jenny's younger brother, who was 18 at the time. The two eloped in an unconventional wedding in a local Lego Land. Their wedding was officiated by a man dressed as a life sized Dumbledore Lego, and only a few close friends attended. The wedding came as a shock to both Ethan and S's family's, exemplified by Talia fainting in the middle of her job and spilling crucial test samples, upon hearing the news. After their wedding, S and Ethan sold most of their belonging, except their electronics of course, and went off in a Toyota S together, which they had recently the back of into a gaming center.

As of January 1st 2025, during the Pilot, S, as well as Ethan's whereabouts were unknown. The only way to contact S was through her email, to which she would occasionally respond with a cryptic Doge meme, or through video game. The easiest game to reach S through was ROBLOX or Fortnite, and sometimes Minecraft or Rainbow 6 Siege, in which she would interact through her user @nas760, although she would never respond to personal messages, only responding in game, and always in character.

To the shock of everyone, and with no warning, S and Ethan would eventually arrive in Central Market Boulevard, just a week after the arrival of Kari, in their Toyota S, this time with a Doge head shaped portable house in tow. S and Ethan would place the portable house, which tripled as both a fury convention for S, and a gaming hub for Ethan, in the middle of Jessica and Talia's homes, refusing to leave or move it.

Personality Edit

S is well known to be a genius. Her exceptional intelligence is exemplified by her extraordinary mathematical, analytical, and computer science skills. Despite her intellect, however, S puts all of her brain power into gaming and hacking. Although her hacking skills often prove very useful, she uses them almost exclusively, to hack clients, receive admin access, dupe stashes, break games, kick players and other gaming related hacks. Her lack of application of her intelligence frustrates many, specifically Talia, a scientist, who would like nothing more but to use S's mind to help advance her own life-saving medical research.

S is a monotone, honest and blunt person, rarely sugarcoating things, but rarely getting angry or being mean spirited as well. She is generally in a neutral emotional state, with famously few facial expressions. The exceptions to this general rule, however, are notable and extreme. An extremely competitive side of S comes out when gaming, which is very often, S's emotions run wild, leading to frequent outburst of anger, distress or joy during a game. Due to her obsessive playing, combined with her brilliant hacking abilities S is an extremely skilled gamer, something which she takes great pride in. She and Ethan, a great gamer himself, often game together, leading to a close bond, bust also ferocious and heated fights when competing.

Aside from gaming, S's other great joy in life comes from Fury play. A proud fury, S is the leader of the Doge-Meow furry convention, which is housed inside of the giant Doge head. S keeps her fury identity very secret except to other members of Doge-Meow.

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