Ships Edit

The romantic relationships between the characters in the 2034 are many and complicated. Their interwoven and often unstable nature result in many character conflicts and plot lines. Despite this chaos, however, several primary ships ultimately stand strong through thick and thin. Although the cuteness and favor ability of ships is objective, there are unarguably several primary ships which have gained strong followings and withstood the test of time, drama and hardship.

Primary ships Edit

  • Hayhair
    • Hayley James and Long Hair
  • Tiver
    • Taylor and River Modarelli
  • Dashley
    • Dani and Ashley
  • Sobby
    • Sage Modarelli and Bobby Wettleson
  • Sethan
    • Sienna and Ethan Florent
  • Jissa
    • Jaimie Florent and Issa Claus-Ebdon
  • Jeese
    • Reese and Joey Florent
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