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Talia is an integral character in the 2034 universe and one of the main story lines followed on the show.

In Talia was one of the member of the "Queens" group, along with Jillian Florent, Kari Van Vlerah, Jaimie Florent and Reese Florent. As of January 1st 2025 however, due to Kari going off the grid and Jaimie going off the deep end, the group had largely disbanded.

Introduced in the Pilot, on January 1st 2025, Talia and her husband River already have 5 kids despite her being only 23 at the time (she would be 24 on Feb 2nd). This is due to Talia's "twin gene" a genetic mutation found in several of her female family members which causes them to have greatly increased chance of giving birth to twins, triplets or even quadruplets. Thus, Talia's first pregnancy at age 19, with River, an accident resulting from a college night hook up, lead to twins, their oldest sons Peter and Aiden. Two year later. Talia again became pregnant by River, this time with triplets, their three daughters, Mia, Sophie and Madison, who are introduced as a year and a half old in the Pilot.

During the Pilot, it is shown that Talia is a successful pathologist, although still finishing up her last two years in grad school, she currently works as the co-head Pathologist at the Central Market Hospital along with Ross Turner. Combined with River, a successful business executive's salary, she and her family are quite wealthy, owning a large home, although it never quite seems large enough for all of their children.

Despite their financial success, and great effort, Talia and River often struggle greatly balancing their careers and their children, yet with help from friends like Jill and Reese, and family, they are able to manage fairly comfortable, at least, until Kari arrives in the Schoolie, on January 1st 2025.

Personality Edit

A self described huge nerd, Talia possesses a strong passion for science, particularly biology and cells. Talia posses a total of 27 hand crafted cell models, her first one from Holly Foley's 9th grade biophys class, and is currently working on another in her spare time.

Talia's geeky attitude spills over into nearly all aspects of her life, leading to almost ever aspect of her personality being at least somewhat flavored by her passion for biology.

Just as importantly, Talia is a very friendly, kind-hearted eccentric and energetic person, often leading to her accidentally making a scene purely from her animated, giggly and loud persona. Talia often lacks much of a filter, leading to her unintentionally blurting out things, about her or others, to people who otherwise shouldn't know them. Talia feels badly about this and tries to make up for her actions, which often just makes them worse. This leads to several conflicts between her and Kari, who sees this as an act of disloyalty, despite Talia's lack of bad intentions.

Despite these conflicts, Kari, along with everyone close to Talia, understand that she is an extremely loyal of sweet person, who will do anything she can to help those around her. This leads to her having many very strong friendships an Jill often marvels at Talia's ability not only to have so many friends, but o be so close to all of them at once.

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