The ship consisting of Taylor and River Modarelli

The First Meeting Edit

Taylor and River first met in fall of 2019 when Taylor and now sister-in-law Sage went to visit the University of Washington. The two shook hands and never really talked again until the following year.

The Relationship Edit

Taylor and River began their relationship abruptly once Taylor got over to UW in the fall of 2020. Despite barely interacting before this, Taylor and River got to talking at the at a Halloween party in thrown by River's frat. The talking soon turned to more and the two then snuck off into an empty room to hook up, all while Sage drunkingly kissed several men as Jill held her chapstick and stood around awkwardly. This was Taylor's first time and in the spur of the moment, neither considered using a condom. This lead to Taylor falling pregnant on this night with their first two twin sons, Peter and Aiden, who appear in pilot along with their three triplet daughters, Mia , Madison, and Sophie. In an effort to help Taylor and to cover-up the unexpected pregnancy, the two had to get a quickly get married, via a courthouse wedding when Taylor was 19 and River was 20. Despite the two's quick family establishment, the couple remains strong and has an undeniable chemistry together.

River works as a successful business executive, managing Central Market Co's finances and business relations, while Taylor is the co-head of Central Market's medical department as a pathologist. Their mutual career success means financial stability for such a large family, yet also makes managing their time consuming careers and abundance of children difficult. Despite this difficulty, managing this is one of the focal bonding points of the two. Able to balance out each other's strengths a weaknesses, with Taylor helping River to be more responsible and River helping ease Taylor's stress and relax her, the two are able to manage family life well, and their relationship grows strongly in the process.

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